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Church of God, New Mexico






Bible Study:  Wednesday, July 8     6:30 - 8:00 PM




New Prayer Requests


From  Cherikka Franklin: Markus' mom.  Diane Williams is still waiting for surgery.  Please pray they go ahead and do her surgery and that everything is successful and that she can be back home where her family can be with her.


From Joel Maldonado:  Joel's father passed away this past week. Pray for him and his family.


From Sid Romero:  Pat's mom, passed away this past week.  Pray for her and her family.





Continuing Prayer Requests



Callista McComb:  deliverance from lyme disease and other health issues


Elizabeth Hoskie:  still weak not able to attend services


Jackie Keoley: is on Palative care now and is 95


Polly Keesee:  Spider Bite, still having pain


From  Cherikka Franklin:  Please add my grandmother, Dorothy Jones to the prayer list.

Thayne Slater


From Richard Gawith:  all the brethren who have lost their jobs during this time and having very real difficulties getting unemployment due to the overload of the unemployment system. They need prayers that God will see to their needs and give them comfort and support and strength to endure until things can once again pick up.


From  Cherikka Franklin:  Shakyria Johnson is in her early 20's, a mother of 3; has an enlarged heart and is in need of a heart transplant.  Shakyria is Cherikka's cousin wife.







To submit a Prayer Request fill out the online form below.  Send us your name and any details in the form you want us to have on file and what you are requesting prayers for. 


Please read:  James 5:10-19


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